College students tend to get a bad rap for eating poorly, but is that really the case? Are students really eating Chicken Ramen for breakfast, Beef for lunch and Vegetable for dinner? Or do students take the time to cook healthy meals, and not drink soda. One study of 1,800 students by USA Today revealed some statistics about college students’ diets:

50% do not eat the recommended fruits/vegetable per day

60% eat too much fat

59% admit that their diets have gotten worse at college

The word art above represents the results that over 30 Cal Poly students gave as the food items that they have at their house or apartment most often–the bigger the word, the more frequently the item was mentioned.

So how do Cal Poly students rate? Here are some reactions people had when they saw the above graphic:

“Where is the beer, butter and Ben and Jerry’s?”

–Julie Barrett, mother of a college student

“There are a lot of empty calories,

and not many good protein sources.”

–Beatrice Lunday, 3rd year nutrition major

“There’s not as much sweet junk food as I thought ”

–Ben Arthur, 3rd year math major

“I don’t even get enough fruit and veggies,so lack of that doesn’tsurprise me”

–Barb Bruce, mother of college student


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